Flavours and Fillings

- Vanilla sponge cake with whipped cream mixed with strawberry mousse

- Raspberry
- Forest fruits
- Cherry
- Blackcurrant

- Tiramisu Cake
Cake with vanilla sponge layers ,  coffee and alcohol, mascarpone cheese.

- Strawberry-cake-straciatella
Vanilla sponge cake with strawberry puree and whipped cream with chunks of Belgian dark chocolate 

- Cake Praline
Chocolate sponge cake , milk chocolate and caramel with crunchy  well with dark chocolate ganache

- Chocolate-cherry cake
Chocolate sponge cake with whipped cream and a cherry

- Cake with forest fruits
Vanilia sponge cake ,forest fruits puree ,whipped cream lined with fresh raspberries or blueberries.

- Walnut Cake
Vanilia sponge cake , butter cream and walnut, blackcurrant jam.

- Chocolate Cake

Chocolate sponge cake layered with chocolate mousse with bananas or pears

Chocolate sponge cake with whipped cream and  mascarpone cheese with raspberries and chocolate chips.

Chocolate or vanilla sponge cake with chocolate butter cream 

- Spanish-cake
Chocolate sponge cake butter coffee cream.

- Cake Raffaello
Vanilia sponge cake, ganache  of white chocolate and coconut.

-Cake Black Forest
Chocolate sponge cake with whipped cream , cherries and grated chocolate.

- Sultan-cake
Chocolate sponge cake with chocolate mousse superior and raisins in rum.

- Lemon Cake
Chocolate sponge cake layered with a delicate lemon curd and whipped cream with chocolate flakes.

 - Cake Peach Melba
Vanili sponge cake ,mascarpone cheese lined with peach and raspberry puree

- Cake Pinacolada
Vanilla sponge cake  with pineapple jam and whipped cream with superior pieces of pineapple.

- Cake Apple
Vanilla sponge cake lined with roasted apples gently and superior whipped cream.

- Pear Cake
Chocolate sponge cake with whipped cream and supervisor of mascarpone cheese , pears and topped with chocolate ganache.

- Banana and Caramel Cake
Vanilla sponge cake with mascarpone supervisor with caramel (caramel or cream), lined with banana  and chocolate ganche